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About the best Domain Provider

Hey Buddies, I am Bhargav Valani here with another beautiful Blog. Today we are discussing about the Best domain provider or best domain registrar 2020, Let Don’t make you confuse let ‘s start.

  • GoDaddy
  • Hostinger
  • Namecheap
  • Cloudflare Domain
  • PorkBun
  • Bigrock
  • Namesilo

Okay we will see the Best Domain Name registrar in India for 2020. Our topic for today is based on finding out the best domain name registrar companies We will know the companies which have good interface and support The best overall experience provided by them and which among them is cheapest and a total A – Z Review would be done

There are 10 such companies which I would compare We will discuss different scenarios and find out which company would be suitable in it So I have seen a lot of factors like Price, Renewal Price, Support and Upsells Their Overall Experience, Customer Care, Interface and Whois Guard.

Whois Guard prevents from revealing your information to the domain. which you have give while buying it. Without Whois Guard, your personal information can be accessed easily. By this, you get many spam calls and emails. Whois Guard is provided by some companies for free.

And some companies have extra charges for it I would be talking about pricing which would be the .com pricing, which is the base So whenever I will mention about original and renewal pricing, it would be of .com pricing.

GoDaddy : Best Domain provider in India

So let’s start with the most popular website GoDaddy MS Dhoni is the brand ambassador for this website But this website is not as good as MS Dhoni. top domain registrars. So when you will visit their homepage you will find out the ₹199 Price Tag with an asterisk(*) It’s the asterisk(*) that has everything hidden within it (The 2 years purchase) If you have to purchase for 2 years then you would have to pay the price of ₹199 + ₹1049 = ₹ 1248.

GoDaddy doesn’t provide free Whois Protection (that means you have to pay extra charges for it – ₹300 ) You would also pay extra charges separately If you would buy the domain for 1 year then the approx price would be ₹1,370.

So in my experience, its pricing is okay but compared with other domains. They are cheaper than this.The services are also good, so for me GoDaddy is Expensive. It don’t provide Free. Whois and they upsell a lot. When you will go to their cart, they automatically add email services, which has to be removed.

GoDaddy- Cheapest Deals in India

It give numerous options for buying They have created complexity. So I would not recommend this for beginners. But there are some good things, which is their support. top domain registrars. where you can call them in Hindi. The Support is Good and they are kind enough to help you. Domain registration.

Now They have a good interface You also get payment options like Google Pay and UPI. So it’s good for Indian users But I am not going to recommend this. As there are many other options available. Next is, it all starts with a great domain.

This is not an Advertisement It all starts with a great domain. It is correct But it doesn’t start with It is very expensive. They upsell a lot and their normal domain costs $9.99 for 1 year. They also charge $8.99 extra for Whois Guard.

And they upsell a lot So I have not registered here and I have not seen its interface even. But I won’t recommend it at this price point. There are many good options available.


Next is Big Rock You don’t see any Free Whois Guard.

.com 1st yr price is ₹ 799 They charge ₹499 extra for Whois Guard Applying the GST and taxes of ₹234, It costs around ₹1532 (if there are no discounts available) Interface is okay DNS Records ( where edits are made ) could be better. You get live support in Hindi .

You also get support on the phone like GoDaddy. It is decent when we get discounts But if there are no discounts, then according to normal pricing. Godaddy is better compared to BigRock. Next is Hostinger

So you don’t get any Free Whois Protection .com pricing is around ₹605, Where they charge ₹275 extra for Whois. With taxes which totals around ₹1034 Which is less as compared to GoDaddy and BigRock which is a plus point.

There are Indian Payment Options like UPI. Here you will find Live Support, but there is no Call Support Available The interface is decent, not the best. But it is okay is as it gets the job done. So Hostinger is a good option if you want the UPI payment.


Next is Cloudflare. If you don’t know domain registration than you search for it in You tube.

Cloudflare is famous for providing web services like Free CDN and SSL. But it also provides domain names. You get domain names for free, means they don’t charge any fees. The ICANN and Processing Fees is charged by them. They do not charge any extra markup price.

So whenever something is free there are some associated drawbacks You will find some drawbacks in Cloudflare 1. You cannot purchase any domain from here You will have to buy from somewhere else then you can transfer that to Cloudflare 2.

Your website must use Cloudflare services For Example, kptesthosting must already have Cloudflare. Then only I can transfer my domain to Cloudflare 3. When I transfer I cannot remove Cloudflare from my website. It would be compulsory to use Cloudflare CDN and SSL, If I want to keep my domain on it.

This is good if you want to stay in Cloudflare Ecosystem. But there exists a major problem when you migrate your hosting from one service provider to other. You have to change name servers for it, here you cannot do that.

Cloudflare- CDN support

The option to change the custom name servers are not available for free. Users For that, you would have to edit the DNS records. Which would be the tedious process for many people. I recently tried to transfer my domain to Cloudflare. But after transferring it, I wanted my previous domain back. They don’t charge any extra fees for it, but Cloudflare is not the best option for me.

But if you use Cloudflare Services You don’t have a problem with their ecosystems and if you don’t migrate a lot You also don’t get the option of Live Chat Support related to Domains. So this is the drawback So if you don’t have any problem with such drawbacks.

Then Cloudflare is for you I personally don’t like Cloudflare, I can pay ₹200 extra. But I won’t keep my domains there. Next is Google Domains Google Domains is recently in this business. They had the beta version before. But now they have a stable version.

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So you have to pay ₹1014 for a .com domain, which is okay but still It is going above ₹1k. You get free whois protection. And they don’t upsell a lot. They have a very simple, plain interface You have to dig in for the Live Chat Option. You have to go through 3-4 steps further to get it.

When you take their domain and go to their card page You get a statement in the header. “The Google Domains service can only be used for business. If I am having a hobby blog and I am not having earnings from it. I cannot take domains from google? So why and for what purpose this statement is give, it’s not clear.

Best Domain Provider

I have not seen such type of statements from any other domain registrar companies. So I have found this statement a bit confusing Due to this statement. I am not going to personally use it Google is famous for suspending accounts.

If they find something suspicious So if you want, you can go for it. I have not found any major drawbacks in Google domain hosting company.

Next is Namesilo. Namesilo has a very competitive pricing.The .com pricing is around ₹680, So its a very competitive pricing. You get a Free Whois. Live Chat Support and Payment options are Debit/ Credit card.

They also had Google Pay option, but now it has been removed The major problem I find about Namesilo is its interface It looks like a 2017 interface, which is very old, boring and slow So will I recommend Namesilo? It’s good, but there are many other options available for domain domain

Next is Porkbun Porkbun is an American domain company You can find out the cheapest domain names here .com pricing for new users is ₹315 only They charge ₹650 for renewals So it is one of the cheapest domain name providers out there. google domain

You get Live Chat Option, Free Whois Protection and Payment options have international debit and credit card The interface is okayish, but there are chances of improvement So will I recommend Porkbun? Yes, you can definitely go for it, if you need a cheapest domain name, Porkbun is a good option. Best domain hosting company


If they need to improve interface then it’s a good option Next is Dynadot Dynadot is a company which has improved a lot in recent years Their .com pricing starts from ₹540 for 1st year and their renewals are ₹688 with no extra taxes Whois-guard is free and they do not upsell a lot, they have a very straightforward process Live Chat option is available and the interface is good.

They have a good android app and payment options have international debit/credit card options The drawback I have found is a lack of support guides I haven’t found support guides for a new user as to how they can set up and you have to search in google to find out guides related to it.

So this is the drawback in Dynadot So will I recommend Dynadot? Yes, absolutely, Dynadot is one of the best out there They have good services at a good price point So if you are searching for a budget domain name registrar then Dynadot is one of them Beginners can face a problem while using it Dynadot brings out offers and discounts.

Number 1 domain name on our list is Namecheap. Namecheap is one of the popular domain names registrars It is popular, reliable and old If I talk about its .com pricing, it’s around ₹677 Its renewal rates would be around ₹990.

Whois Support

You don’t have to pay any extra tax and you get a free Whois guard They have a good Live Chat Support and they have a good easy to use interface They have a good Android App, you may find its support guides if you are a beginner and if you want to do some changes in email setups, Email forwarding, editing DNS records.

You can easily find all this in Google It is easily compatible with other hostings It has good support So now I will tell, when you would require support at the time of taking domains Sometimes it happens that we cannot edit DNS Records on our own, or we make some mistake while editing it, so at that time you would require the help of the support team.

When you transfer a domain, you have to do that process quickly It usually takes 5-7 Days to start the domain transfer But you can directly contact customer care to speed up your process I have done it for 1 -2 domains through Namecheap.

My domains have been transferred within half an hour, so this is the best thing One more benefit regarding this is that many of them have Namecheap Accounts So when you flip domains or buy/sell any website, so it’s easy for domain name transfer It’s very easy to transfer your account from one place to other One drawback.

I have found is related to its payment options If you have international debit or credit cards then you don’t have any Indian payment options like UPI So for beginners it may be a drawback So do I recommend Namecheap?


Yes, absolutely, 100% It’s good for beginners and experience users. So NameCheap is the one that you should go for. So let’s wrap this up. The best overall domain name registrar company is Namecheap Their prices are moderate Their Services, Live Chat Support, Domain Names, and TLDs options are good.

But I need a good service, a good interface, and requirement of good support Best Domain Name Registrar in Budget: Dynadot Cheapest Renewal: Dynadot, Porkbun or Namesilo, you can use any, among the three Cloudflare is a good option. Best domain hosting company.

If you want to use its services Best Support: Namecheap and GoDaddy GoDaddy is on top due to the Indian users, as you can talk in Hindi Hindi Call Support: GoDaddy and BigRock, but GoDaddy would win Next, for UPI Payments.

Hostinger is a good option If you want to buy Domains on Discount: Best Upcoming Domain Name Registrar: Dynadot Dynadot has improved a lot since 2 years, and I am sure it would be one step ahead in the next year too Best App: Dynadot and Namecheap.

Best Interface: I have personally liked Namecheap interface Lastly, talking about the Companies that upsell a lot: GoDaddy and Both of these companies try to upsell a lot So if you are purchasing domain by using their services then, you need to be very careful Know about the services. Here is best domain hosting company.

You require, they also provide free 1-month trial and automatically they deduct the charges from the next month So be very careful while buying the domains, if you are using these services So this was all about the best domain name comparison I have explained domain name companies for different overall scenarios


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