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Elon musk biography || How Elon musk become billionaire || 2

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About the biography of elon musk

Hey this is Bhargav Valani. I am here
with one biography. Here you got today the biography of Elon musk. One of the
greatest billionaire he is. At the age of 26 also he was the billionaire. Elon
musk is the most inspirational entrepreneur.

In the biography of Elon musk I
cover all the points of his life. Elon musk is one of the greatest innovaters
whether it is the spaceX or whether it is the Tesla. He is the greatest
Billionaire. Here the article is two long that i divided it into two parts. The
second part is here…….

…………. “The Boring
Company”. The intent of the company was to create new industrial tunnel
boring technology because the current cost per mile of drilling made his
HyperLoop tunnel economically unfeasible.

He tweeted on December
seventeenth, twenty sixteen, that he was “going to build a tunnel boring
machine and just start digging.” Elon Musk is many things: he’s been
called a genius, compared to Marvel’s “Tony Stark”, and has claimed
to dream of living on Mars one day. But evidently,
above all, he is someone who gets things done.

Let’s jump back to Space-X. They
soon also successfully launched a satelliteinto geosynchronous orbit.. Musk has
a vision of colonizing Mars and part of his initial reasoning behind founding Space-X
was to do just that.

X published a video..

In September of two thousand and
sixteen, Space-X published a video of 3Drenderings depicting their intended
mission to Mars. Elon was quoted as saying, “I think that a future where
we are a space bearing civilization and a multi-planet species is very

” He went on, “In order
for that to happen, we’ve got to dramatically improve the cost of space
flight.” The concept he envisioned required reusable rockets. And because
Space-X is private, they do not have to adhere to the same level of red tape
that government organizations generally have to follow.

Space-X also manufactures around
ninety percent of their parts in house. To put it in perspective, on average,
for NASA to launch a comparable rocket it would cost between one hundred and
two hundred and sixty million dollars.

Space-X can manufacture and
launch a Falcon Nine rocket for under three hundred thousand dollars. The fuel
alone per launch costs two hundred thousand dollars. Space-X hasn’t slowed down
either. On February sixth, twenty eighteen, they successfully launched the
‘Falcon Heavy’ rocket from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

In a glamorous display streamed
live on YouTube, Space-X showed off their larger than one hundred and forty
thousand pound payload capability by unveiling a Tesla Roadster in earth orbit.
This stunt instantly bolstered the Falcon Heavy’s status to that of the most
powerful operational rocket on the planet.

Elon musk launching
BFR with Space-X

They’ve also announced plans to
build a new rocket, which they’ve called the ‘BFR’ for ‘Big Falcon Rocket.’
It’s intended to stand at over one hundred meters tall and carry over five
hundred and fifty thousand pounds.

Today Space-X is the largest
private producer of rocket engines in the world and holds the world record for
thrust to weight ratio in a rocket. Tesla meanwhile is also making great
strides in the motor industry. Following their fledgling vehicle, the Roadster,
Tesla released the ‘Model S’ sedan type car intwo thousand and twelve.

The announcement of the ‘Model X’
SUV style vehicle came shortly after. However, its release was delayed until
two thousand and fifteen. Tesla revolutionized the entire world of electric
cars when they entered the market.
Other companies in the past have tried and failed to do what Tesla has achieved
in recent years.

One of the biggest hurdles to
overcome that their predecessors hadn’t beenable to leap was the car’s range on
a charged battery. Tesla’s offer a two hundred and fifty mile range per charge
which helped consumers begin to wrap their minds around the concept of electric

On top of that, the Model S is a
desirable sports car boasting an acceleration rate of zero to sixty in two
point five seconds. Its electric engine gives the car a torque advantage over
most traditional engines allowing the Model-S to outperform many cars far
beyond its price.

The new evolution
comes up with Tesla

The ‘Model 3’ is intended to have a
base price of thirty five thousand dollars according to Tesla’s blog. Even more
interestingly, Elon stated in two thousand and fourteen that Tesla would
provide any of its technology patents in good faith to corporations with the
intent of creating more affordable electriccar solutions for the world.

He has an agenda to shift the
status quo in the motor industry. They also have plans to double the amount of
charge stations currently in place in both the east and west coasts of the US.
And it doesn’t stop there, Tesla has has also expressed a keen interest in
tackling the semi truck and trucking industry.

 It has conceptualized and
tested electric shipping trucks and is taking the idea further with the intent
of introducing antonyms driving systems in them as well as their other
vehicles. One of the larger hurdles that Tesla had to overcome.

when they started the company was
the immense cost of lithium ion batteries which are used to power their
vehicles. In response, Musk announced plans to build an enormous lithium ion
battery factory called the ‘Gigafactory’ in twenty thirteen.

The end goal; to make electric
cars more economically viable than fossil fuel powered cars. After the
beginning of production on the ‘Gigafactory,’ Tesla also revealed the ‘power
wall,’ which was devised as a wall mounted lithium ion battery that could power
your home through solar and other clean
energy integration.

By the end of twenty seventeen,
Tesla had surpassed Ford’s market value after only seven years of being public.
Elon Musk has also derived a great deal of attention around himself as a
person, both negative and positive.

 Time to close..

Both on the road and in space.
Interestingly, despite being involved in numerous AI based or related
companies, Elon has been a strong opponent of developing hyper intelligent
artificial intelligence.

He has been interviewed and has
spoken about his fears of robotic uprising multiple times. He’s not been free
of controversy either. In two thousand and eighteen, Musk appeared on the very
popular ‘Joe Rogan’ podcast, which is streamed live on youtube.

During the two and a half hour
long interview, Musk puffed on what was described as a combination of tobacco
and marijuana offered to him by host, Joe Rogan. Following the interview, Tesla
stocks dropped and worries of a United States Air Force investigation in
regards to his ties with Space-X started circulating the web.

Following that, on the seventh of
August that year Elon allegedly tweeted while driving, “Am considering
taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured. He was also criticized in media
for his attempted involvement in the crisis of the trapped children in a Thai
cave system in June, twenty eighteen.

Here you got the previous part of biography of Elon musk

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