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About all the Reasons that you should know about Ram Mandir

Hey this is Bhargav Valani. And I am here with another new interesting blog. Recently I am posting the blogs regarding the coding and Technology. Now it is the time to become little much religious. As per the title you know that whole discussion is about the Ram Mandir.

Here We are looking for some history and reach out to the conclusion. I think you are waiting for the reasons behind this mysterious reasons behind the Lord Ram mandir.

Now Ram Lalla Virajman was representing the deity Lord Ram. A deity is always represented through the next friend or guardian Ram. Lalla Virajman could assert its title by way of continued worship of that land.

Even when a 3-domed structure, the Babri Mosque stood The Supreme Court took into account. The fact that even there was namaaz being offer, people were standing outside the railings, treating this to be the birthplace of Lord Ram and offering their prayers at it.

How is the deity’s right being acknowledged here? Now the deity Lord Ram. Supreme Court has said it in multiple judgments in the past. Also that deity has a right, deity is a perpetual minor. Deity’s right can be executed through the next friend. Or the guardian Ram Lalla Virajman in this case happen to be asserting that very right.

Now deity’s right has already been acknowledge by the Supreme Court. Today’s verdict finds a reiteration of that right. When it said that Lord Ram in all the sense has the title of the disputed land itself. Now will this judgment have any effect on Sabarimala?.

Ram Temple

I would not want to make a second guess on that. But yes, there are two differences and two similarities. In Sabarimala also, there is a question about the right of the deity. It is the deity’s right. Which the worshipers are trying to protect by preventing the women of menstruating age to enter the temple.

But then, the character of a deity is something which the Ayodhya verdict has not ruled upon. In that case, Sabarimala the idol is suppose to be a Naishtik Brahmachari. Here there was no question about the character of the deity.

So although there are similarities, worshipers are trying to assert the right of their god. Through the Court, the constitutional court, The character of the deity was never in question in the Ayodhya verdict. Will this judgment have any impact on the clamour around Kashi and Mathura temples?.

1991 Act

Now, I would say there is a 1991 Act, Place of Worship Act. Which did exempt Ram Janmabhoomi Babri Masjid title case out of its ambit. When it said that anybody who will try to change the religious nature of any structure which stood as of 15 Aug, 1947 will be a punishable offence. Ayodhya ram mandir history

This law is going to prohibit anybody else from trying to offend any other religious structure or to stake. Its claim that something else existed, pre-dated underneath a religious structure as it stands today.

In some other interesting observations from the Supreme Court which help Ram Lalla Virajman stake claim over the disputed property. It was the Archaelogicial Survey of India’s report. Now that report the Supreme Court said can’t be dismiss as being mere conjecture.

Supreme Court went on to say that this report did establish a few facts, including that there was a pre-dating structure underneath the Babri Mosque. This structure was non-Islamic in nature. It belonged to the 12th century and the inscriptions on the pillars would go on to show that it was basically a Hindu religious structure.

Got the evidence about the Ram Temple

This was something which was corroborate as evidence when Ram Lalla Virajman try to say that Babri Masjid stand on a Hindu structure. The travelogues and gazetteers were also relied upon by the Supreme Court,

When they said there has been proof of continued worshipping of that place and that people believe that this place is the birthplace of Lord Ram.

Another very interesting aspect of the judgment. Every judgment of the Supreme Court will have the name of the judge who has authored the judgment. This was an unanimous judgment but then this judgment did not carry the name of any of the judges.

It was just the judgment which was suppose to be author by all of them together. Despite that, there is an additional judgment in it. In that judgment there is one particular judge who goes on to hold that yes, in my opinion, that particular place is the birthplace of Lord Ram. We hope that we will see soon the ram Temple.

But very interestingly, even the name of that one judge has not been put into public domain by the Supreme Court. This is sure to indicate that the Supreme Court want to tell the public, the people of India, that this is a judgment by the Supreme Court.

Final judgement by supreme court for Ram Temple

The highest court of the land, and not by any particular judge. How did Article 142 come into the picture? Under 142, Supreme Court has the inherent jurisdiction and the authority to deliver any order to meet the ends of justice. Here you also got the ayodhya ram mandir history

This is an exercise of extraordinary jurisdiction by the Supreme Court under Article 142. It do by virtue that the Sunni Waqf Board has been given 5 acres of land. Saying that they have also suffer wrongs by being ousted and also by demolition that took place in 1992. Ram Mandir Ayodhya

Supreme Court said that equity would demand that the Sunni Waqf Board should be given 5 acres of land in Ayodhya, either by the Central govt or the state govt. Ayodhya verdict by the Supreme Court today looks at giving finality to one of the most contentious and longest-pending disputes in India’s judicial history.

So Supreme Court in its judgment has tried to accomodate all the parties and has said that secularism and to live in harmony is what each and every citizen of India must look forward to, and should also respect all the constitutional principles that is there. The Constitution speaks through the judges is what the underlying principle of the Ayodhya verdict is.

I Hope you like these blog of Ram mandir. And know the real rason behind the Ram Mandir. That why the Ram Temple is favor by the Indian court. Currently Indian government is working on the Ram mandir design. The architectures are working with Ram mandir Model.


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