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All about above marketing strategies.

Hello Everyone, I am Bhargav Valani. Today we are discussing very interesting and global topic that what is marketing ?. We also discuss about the zig zag approach in marketing. Also see 4 Ps of marketing.

Discussing hear this term a lot whether being digital transaction diversity. Or the famous one word-of-mouth of the word,

Let’s get the whole of it the term marketing primarily includes advertising selling communications. And a lot of branding through events and exhibitions as a discipline.

It includes all the actions a company undertakes to draw in customers. And maintain relationship with them. It could mean networking with potential.

Past clients playing God with prospective clients. Simply meeting clients for a cup of coffee. A meal this is famous marketing mix which lays the foundation of the four PS of marketing.

Product, pricing ,place and promotion we’ll be making a separate video to cover this marketing mix be sure to Bookmark to this Blog to stay updated.

Edits code is to take a product or service to the market identify the target customer. And draw the customers attention to the product or service available with that being said.

4 Ps of the marketing

We understand the marketing mix for PS of marketing. So let’s get started It refers to the elements. That capture and promote a brand or products unique selling points. Types of marketing

It differentiate it from its competitors this concept was later condensed into four PS of marketing. That includes product pricing place and motion product. It refers to intangible service or a tangible good a business offers to their customers.

But you must know what need or want a customer has you could be selling nuts and bolts or providing luxury of spaces. You must know what makes your product unique once a concrete understanding of the product is established. what is marketing concept

We can move to the second P price price opposed to how much a company will sell the product for directly affects profit margins supply demand. And the marketing strategies price elasticity is very important.

It will also affect our next two P’s promotion this includes a variety of activities such as public relations, advertising and social media stretagy. Promotions vary depending on the stage of the product life cycle that the product is in to get the maximum ROI.

You must account write branding practices for your product place. Place the first through distribution of the product. You must have heard that marketing is placing the right product at the right time in the right place.

That is why when you visit a store a few products are place only at the checkout counter. And not add the product Shell’s smarter product placements will always help you gain larger profits with that .

Zig Zag approach in industries

We’ll talk about why you need to try zig zag approach for your business. If you’re like most business owners you must be spying on your competition and duplicating. what is marketing in business? I think you get the point.

What they are doing this surveillance in reality is a horrible strategy. As you simply don’t know that the marketing your competitor is doing works or not And as first tool of business you should avoid being horrible at all costs.

So there’s this once when my client told me that he received the same flier from three different dentists in one day. The copy in that flier was exactly the same only the practice contact information was different.

That’s why you should consider the exact marketing when most of the competitors do one thing you go another way you Zig when they zag this helps.

You stand out even in a crowded marketplace but that doesn’t mean you should take blind actions you must avoid being blind in business every time. And you still need to be thoughtful with what you are doing as a business.

Focus on the stats

You still need to rely on things like tactics strategies and measurable stat. But there’s no advantage to being 10th or 12th business to do something when you engage in this exact marketing.

You increase your chances of finding the hidden parts of the market you get to be the first one to find gold instead of being one of the people who show up with shovels.

And fix after the beam has depleted the exact strategy is about taking risks with your info. Combines creativity with analytical decision-making it’s also the fastest way to become a market leader so do give it a try with it.

I hope you like what is marketing blog. zig-zag strategy and 4 Ps of the marketing.

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